Ultralight Glow in the Dark Tent Guy Line

Material: 100% hmpe or polyester jacket with hmpe core
Size: 1.2mm-3mm
Construction: 16 strand braided
Color: black,red,yellow,blue,green,grey,etc.
Package: 50m-1500m/reel
Production time: 5-20 days
Payment term: T/T,Western Union



We’re ultralight glow in the dark cord manufacturer in China. Lightweight, ultra strong, doesn’t tangle easily, reflective and high visible in the dark. It can be used as backpacking rope, rain fly guy line, tarp ridgeline cord, hammock structural ridgeline rope, tent guide rope, great for your hiking, camping, etc.

Dyneema is trademark of uhmwpe thread, we adopt best uhmwpe/spectra yarn that China supply to manufacture our line.