Polysteel Rope 3 Strand

Material: pp danline fiber
Diameter: 3mm-60mm
Construction: 3 strand or 4 strand twisted
Color: white with blue and red tracers (can be customized)
Package: coil,woven bag  (can be customized)
MOQ: 3000kg
Production time: 10-40 days
Payment term: T/T



Polysteel Rope material is pp danline yarn, construction is 3 strand or 4 strand twisted.  Properties: It floats in the water, has great root resistance and very high tensile strength,around 30% stronger than the regular pp rope.  It’s popular used for lobster fishing, crab fishing, truck tie down,etc.Available color: white,black,red,yellow,blue,green,etc.

Specs(weight chart) below,the weight per meter can be customized:

Item Size(diameter) Weight (kg/220m)
PR-01 1/4”(6mm) 3.65
TP-02 5/16”(8mm) 6.54
TP-03 3/8”(10mm) 9.87
TP-04 1/2”(12mm) 14.22
TP-05 9/16”(14mm) 19.97
TP-06 5/8”(16mm) 25.15
TP-07 3/4”(18mm) 32.3
TP-08 13/16”(20mm) 39.6
TP-09 7/8”(22mm) 47.8
TP-10 1”(24mm) 56.1

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